Acceptable Usage Policy

Malicious content

You agree any material submitted for publication on our services does not violate or infringe any copyright, trademark, patent, statutory, common law or proprietary rights of others, or contain anything obscene or libellous.

You may not host any hardcore adult content or porn websites on any services with us.

Content must not violate United States laws.

On our premium service, non forum related emails are limited to 100 per hour. This limit may be raised if you contact support, justification is required.

You may not use our service to send any email communications without the consent of the recipient.

Our service cannot be used for strictly file hosting (Such as download proxies,, etc). Please contact us if you require this.

Any script, code, or other file that perform harmful actions, either to the user affected or as a bulk action triggered by the user is not permitted on our servers.

Resource abuse

On our free forum hosting service, you may not use more than 50% or more of the host system resources for more than 60 seconds.

You may not intentionally consume system resources to negatively impact other clients.

Free service limitations

The purpose of our free plan to host the forum automatically installed by our system.

Any attempt to get around this limitation and host other websites on our free plan is strictly prohibited.


We do  not currently allow TOR on any of it services.

If your account violates any of the above terms, your service will be suspended. Multiple AUP or TOS breakages will result in termination of the service.